Ashley Fuller, CPCU, AIDA, AIS, WCP  

Manager, Agency Services  

CPCU since 2021 
Society member since 2020

Vice President, Maine CPCU Society Chapter


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Tell us about yourself as a professional. Do you have a special interest or area of expertise,
unusual background or experience, or a topic or skill you’re working to get better at?

What I enjoy so much about my job is that due to advances in technology and our ever-changing environment there is always opportunity to learn something new. I have many years of experience working in Customer Service and recognize how the needs of the customer are vital to an organization. Understanding the customer’s perspective is imperative in the service industry and can set an organization apart from its competitors when focusing on continuous improvement and the role that customers play.

Why are you passionate about working in insurance and/or risk management?

What I love about working in insurance is that it is a stable industry and there are many opportunities for professional development. You can advance in your career and learn new skills. There is a constant focus on employee retention and an endless amount of resources to take advantage of when it comes to education and networking.

Tell us about something you enjoy outside of work, a cause you support, a hobby, family activity, or anything else that is important to you.

I always enjoy spending time with my family. I have a large family and we always make an effort to see one another, whether it is for a quick lunch or a family vacation. We enjoy traveling together and making memories in our great state of Maine!

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about being a CPCU Society member?
I would say the connections, networking, and professional growth. In my short time being part of the Society I’ve become a leader in our local Chapter, earned two designations, and am on my way to obtaining a third. You have access to so much information and resources and build great relationships along the way.

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