Committees are smaller, specialized groups that make regular reports and recommendations to the Leadership Council on Society issues and activities such as membership, college student engagement, and planning our annual meeting In2Risk. They are vital to the Society meeting its objectives and accomplish goals.

Committee terms run on a calendar year from January – December with each volunteer term lasting three years. Each committee is led by a chair, serving a two year term and a vice chair, severing a one year term. Applications for the following year are open each fall. 


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness (IDEA) Committee

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness Committee (IDEA) advances diversity and inclusiveness issues throughout the Society, placing value on all individuals and the different perspectives they bring. The committee is responsible for providing education and resources to help members gain the skills necessary to meet the needs of and reflect the diverse communities within the industry, their own organizations and the customers they serve.

Chair: Victoria Vancil
Vice Chair: Darcy Andrews

Emerging Leaders Committee

The Emerging Leaders Advisory Committee increases membership and active participation of Emerging Leaders, in the CPCU Society. Increasing Society involvement of this demographic contributes to long term sustainability of the Society by providing connections, experiences and opportunities which invest participants in the future of the organization.

Chair: Desire Galanos
Vice Chair: Emily Donnelly

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee increases awareness of ethical issues and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct throughout the Society. The Committee is responsible for providing education and resources to help members discuss ethical issues that have an impact on daily professional lives.

Chair: James R. Jones

Chapter Leader Training and Resource Committee

The Chapter Leader Training and Resource Committee identifies and shares best practices for chapter leaders, placing value on the overall health of chapters. The committee is responsible for providing education and resources to chapter leaders so that they will gain the skills necessary to meet the needs of their chapters and the members they serve.

Chair: Mark Ewert
Vice Chair: Susan Golla

In2Risk Committee

The In2Risk Committee provides recommendations for the CPCU Society’s In2Risk conference that result in high quality educational opportunities, delivers one-of-a-kind attendee experience, builds value, and creates an environment that will develop, connect and build relationships among attendees. The Committee also provides input and recommendations into strategies for growing employer support for members, new designees, and all professionals to engage in the entire In2Risk program.

Chair: Leona Chamberlain
Vice Chair: Sharon Koches

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council provides strategic direction and stewardship for the CPCU Society, and creates policy for the Leadership Council.

President and Chair: Traci Adedeji
President Elect: Sherry McFadden

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee provides input and insights into the CPCU Society’s recruitment and retention strategies and suggests tactics. This includes delivering short-term and long-term recommendations that will result in membership growth, improved employer support, and increased member engagement that will improve recruitment and retention rates.

Chair: Nichelle Dawkins
Vice Chair: Sue A. Synder

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating members to the Society’s Leadership Council, Chapter Governors, and Interest Group Governors. The Nominating Committee also adopts procedures for vetting potential candidates and perform due diligence according to such procedures.

Chair: Michael Milligan
Vice Chair: Justin Moulton

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee provides strategic input and oversight to the development, sourcing, and scoring of articles for the Society’s Insights magazine. Committee members recruit authors for content to the Society publications and to serve as "champions" of subject matter areas that reinforce the society’s role as a thought leader within the risk and insurance industry.

Chair: Heather Blevins
Vice Chair: Tredessa Travers

Student Action Committee

The Student Action Committee drives student desire and engagement in: the risk management and insurance industry as a career of choice; obtaining the CPCU designation, and membership in the CPCU Society. The Student Action Committee does this by providing both short-term and long-term strategic recommendations aligned with the Society's strategic goals. Increasing student involvement contributes to both long term sustainability for the CPCU Society and the future of risk management and insurance by providing students with connections, experiences and opportunities that invest them in the RMI field. The Committee will also focus on creating opportunities for students to gain exposure and develop skills crucial to serve in the risk management and insurance community as future decision makers.

Chair: Mary Calmer
Vice Chair: Stacey Hinterlong

Technology & Innovation Committee

The Technology & Innovation Committee advises the Leadership Council, Interest Groups, and CPCU Society membership on emerging technologies and associated risks with those technologies. They also provide guidance and suggestions on opportunities for innovating and adaptation of new technologies. This Committee closely partners with Interest Groups to provide relevant knowledge and expertise for articles, webinars, seminars and workshops.

Chair: Bryan Tedford
Vice Chair: Vincent Halloran

Global Virtual Community Steering Committee

The Global Virtual Community Steering Committee works to strengthen member engagement and value at the international level. The steering committee is responsible for oversight of the Global Virtual Community on INteract.

Chair: Elaine George

Managing Chapter Governor Committee

The Managing Chapter Governor Committee provides oversight to the chapter governor committee ensuring better alignment with the staff liaison and chapter governors. The committee is tasked with overall strategy to allow individual chapter governors to focus on their territory and the development of its chapter leaders.


Chapter Governor Committee

The Chapter Governor Committee strengthens member recruitment and retention at the chapter level. The committee is responsible for oversight of an assigned chapter territory and the development of its chapter leaders.