Get Involved with the CPCU Society

The CPCU Society offers a variety of ways for our members to get involved in their global community.  This includes:  in-depth discussions on INteract, short-term volunteer projects, Committee opportunities, Interest Group engagement, and much more.  With every new voice, the Society becomes more vibrant, more diverse, and better equipped to reach our common goals. 


Be Part of the Conversation

INteract is the CPCU Society’s online member community.  Engage with over 15,000 members across the globe to build your network, mentor, ask questions, and much more.


Join a Chapter or Interest Group

The CPCU Society has over 120 chapters and 8 special interest groups waiting to engage with you!  Get involved and develop the knowledge and skills to step up, lead, and grow your career. 


Be a Volunteer Leader

Volunteering in the CPCU Society provides members with the hands-on leadership experience to advance your organization into the future.  Check out short-term projects, Committee opportunities, and more.


“Get Involved ACTIVATE your membership - no, REALLY activate your membership. So I challenge each and every CPCU to ACTIVATE.  We are all busy, but people make time to do the things that are important to them.  If being a CPCU (not just having the letters after your name) is important to you, make time for it. ”

Traci Adedeji, CPCU

Insurance Operations Program Lead, AIPSO
Society Member since 2012


"When I started my career, I don't think that my management saw me as somebody that could become a people leader. It wasn't until I became a volunteer leader and president of my local Chapter that our executives saw me in a different light.”


Rob Galbraith, CPCU

Author, The End of Insurance As We Know It
Society Member since 2003