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The CPCU Society is a global community for risk management and insurance professionals.    

Membership provides you with many benefits including exclusive networking, knowledge, leadership opportunities, and career resources.    

While many members hold or are pursuing The Institutes' CPCU designation, it is not a requirement to join.    

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Ignite your potential at In2Risk, The Institutes CPCU Society’s annual can’t-miss risk management and insurance industry event. Join us for an incredible three-day experience filled with networking, cutting-edge technical education, leadership development, inspiring keynotes, the joy of CPCU conferment, and more. 

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In2Risk 2023
October 05, 2023
Washington, DC


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No matter where you are in your risk management and insurance journey, there's a place for you at the CPCU Society.  Join today to start accessing amazing benefits including:   

        Unlimited, Monthly Webinars
     Exclusive Discounts and Savings
        Quarterly Journal Publications
      Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities
         Global Network of Over 15,000 Professionals
       Local Chapters and Special Interest Groups



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Soak Up Some Knowledge in the Latest Edition of Insights

The fall issue of Insights is here! Check it out to uncover the MIST phenomenon, to learn why demand for builders risk coverage and clams is growing; to consider the effects and ethical implications of supply chain disruptions on insurance, and more. Plus, catch up with our 2022 international ambassador and gain an enthusiastic introduction to the Emerging Leaders Committee.

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Meet the Go-Getters Members

Bill Sleeper, CPCU, CLU, AIM, ARM, AAI

CPCU Society Past President (1998–1989)

Dallas, TX

CPCU since 1973 
Society member since 1973


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Are you heading for the convention (that’s what we used to call it) in DC this October 5 – 7, 2023?
If you’re considering it, I suggest you sign up right now.  As the song says, “This could be the start of something big.”  Fifty years ago, I, too, was headed for our convention to receive my designation in the US capital city.

Why do CPCU and the Society mean a lot to me?
In a nutshell, it’s recognition and collegiality, friendships, leadership opportunities, resources, and fruitful meetings.

My dad, a highly successful, independent, P&C insurance agent, advised me to get a credential that would make my name stand out. During my first gig out of the Army, an underwriter in my company told us that CPCU was a challenging program.  That was enough to suggest a worthy goal for me, and I will forever be grateful........ 

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The CPCU Society Career Center is focused on your success.  We provide the tools to enhance your search, whether you're looking for the next job or need to hire the perfect candidate.  The CPCU Society can help you efficiently identify new career opportunities, targeted with our member-based Job Network of top property and casualty insurance underwriting professionals.  Find job seekers with the skills and credentials you need to fill key roles within your organization.  

This Career Center is meant to guide you as you begin your job search. Explore relevant employment opportunities so you can put your technical insurance skills to use. We help members get a step ahead with job alerts, anonymous resume posting to match job seekers with employers, and access to free resume critique and evaluation tools.

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