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Presenting Virtually with Vim and Vigor!
Speaker: Elise Farnham
March 2nd at 2 PM ET

After living a year’s worth of virtual meetings, we are seeing evidence of ‘Zoom-fatigue’ – that catatonic, glassy-eyed state when participants mentally check-out.  Since virtual meetings will likely continue for the foreseeable future, it’s time to assess your technique, up your game, and involve your participants.  This program will focus on providing virtual presenters with tips and tricks that will spark the interest of participants, engage them mentally, and enrich the virtual meeting experience. Join us in order to
Design interesting and interactive presentations in a virtual medium
Experiment with new approaches and techniques
Develop content that will catch and keep the attention of participants

If your message is important then it’s important that it be absorbed by your attendees. Identify the means of doing so and your presentations will be memorable.   


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 Elise M. Farnham, CPCU, ARM, AIM

Elise Farnham owns Illumine Consulting providing expert testimony, professional development and continuing education programs.  She began her career in 1973 with Crawford and Company becoming a multiline adjuster and their first female claims branch manager. She has held executive positions for The Harmonie Group, CSB Group, and GAB Robins.
She is a Past President of the Atlanta CPCU Chapter, past Society Governor and Executive Board member, and past President of the International Association of Insurance Professionals.  Elise has been recognized for her service to the industry and is a guest author for many industry publications.



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