Keep Getting Better!


The members of the CPCU Society are go-getters - a motivated and enthusiastic community of nearly 18,000 risk management and insurance professionals dedicated to getting better through continuous education and training.

Membership in the CPCU Society gives you a network of expert and supportive colleagues, access to industry leaders, leadership training and opportunities, and unparalleled continuing education and career development.

Any risk management and insurance professional is welcome to join.  This includes college students!

We're Here For You

I want to constantly develop. I want to be better for myself. I want to be better for my company. I want to be better for the consumers in the industry.

The CPCU Society provides the platform for you to do that. We're here for you to help you develop and to get where you want to be.

  --- Tom Woods, CPCU 
       2020 President and Chairman of the CPCU Society