Greenwashing: Risks and Risk Management

Presenter: Phillip Ludvigsen, Ph.D.

Sept. 26, at 2 p.m. ET

This webinar will focus on the risks and risk management related to companies, including insurers, who may be exposed to legislative, reputational, and underwriting risks related to “Greenwashing.”  In general greenwashing is defined as misleading or deceptive assertions or claims by an organization to present an environmentally responsible public image.  Although sometimes unintentional, such errors, omissions or misrepresentations can cause non-compliance with environmental disclosure regulations such as the SEC’s pending climate reporting rules, negatively impact an organization’s reputation and even result in insurance claims against General Liability as well as Directors and Officers coverages.

The webinar will present current ESG reporting frameworks, international standards and assurance options that can reduce potential risks while maximizing opportunities for positive impacts.


Phillip Ludvigsen, Ph.D.

Senior Associate

First Environment Inc.

Dr. Ludvigsen has more than 30 years of experience, including advanced decision support related to complex environmental litigation, cost allocation and environmental finance. In addition, Dr. Ludvigsen has a proven track record of risk management and program development with a successful history of directing technical and financial aspects of multi-million dollar projects. Notably, Dr. Ludvigsen helped manage a $25 million strategic investment fund for American Reinsurance (now part of Munich Reinsurance America) focused on environmental loss prevention and cost control. While at American Re, he also served as senior technical advisor on establishing over $1 billion in Environmental Impairment Liabilities (EIL) risk reserves. Regarding environmental financing, Dr. Ludvigsen co-developed environmental, social, and governance (ESG) due diligence work stream frameworks for some of the largest pension funds in North America. He was the first Responsible Investment Professional in North America to be certified via the Responsible Investment Association. Dr. Ludvigsen was recently appointed as the global chair to the International Standards Organization’s subcommittee on environmental performance and sits on the ISO standard’s ESG coordination committee. He has authored several articles on clarifying ESG and advanced topics in green bonds including risk management.