The CPCU Society helps you fulfill your CE Commitment 

Every CPCU commits to ongoing professional education as part of the CPCU Code of Conduct.  CE for CPCUs is a reporting program that tracks continuing education and showcases a CPCU's commitment to career and industry.  Participating CPCU's are included on the CPCU Good Standing list.  

CPCUs can select from a range of educational activities relevant to risk management and insurance including many that are included with CPCU Society membership.  

CE for CPCU Status
Active and ongoing participation in the CE for CPCUs program determines a CPCU’s status. You worked so hard to earn your designation, be sure to remain in good standing. 

     Good Standing: CPCUs who have completed and reported 24 credits within the first two years of earning their designation and/or within their ongoing two-year reporting windows.

     Not in Good Standing: If a renewal has not been completed before the reporting period ends, the CPCU is considered not in good standing. 

1.  Earn 24 hours in 24 months
Earn 24 hours of credits every two years through CPCU Society qualifying activities including complimentary member webinars, attending sessions at Society events and taking your free quarterly course from the Institutes.  A complete list of qualifying activities is listed below. 
2.  Log your credits 
Credits earned through the Institutes, CEU and the CPCU Society are automatically reported in the CE for CPCUs Reporting Tool.  Additional activities can be manually entered.  One hour of content = one credit hour.
3.  Complete the renewal process
Don't miss this important step!  Even if credits are auto reported, you must log into the Reporting Tool to verify all reported activities.  Your renewal process is not complete until you confirm.  Reporting fees are waived for CPCU Society members.  

Group Activity Reporting Template
If your chapter or interest group conducts an educational activity that qualifies for CE for CPCUs you may submit a group activity report so your attendees may have their credits auto reported. To submit please use the group activity reporting template provided.