Gregg Golson, CPCU
Vice President, J.S. Held LLC
Program Director of J.S. Held University
Fernandina Beach, Florida
CPCU and CPCU Society member since 2003

What is something you wish everybody knew about the CPCU Society?
While the CPCU Society is an exclusive club, it’s also chock full of some of the most down-to-earth, ultra-supportive people you’ll ever meet. You’ll find it’s a case of reverse paranoia; your fellow CPCU members are constantly working behind your back to help you achieve your goals.

My tagline on my LinkedIn profile is, “Runs with scissors but plays well with others.”  The CPCU Society members are all risk-takers who are also great team players. I serve on the Publications and Claims Interest Groups. I’ve never attended an Interest Group meeting where I didn’t learn something I could take back and apply at my job. 

CPCU Society members are passionate about their work. Some call this “geeking out” or being an “insurance nerd.” What have YOU been trying to get better at recently, and what was helpful to you?
I recently joined the National Speakers Association to further hone my speaking role skills. “You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” is a quote attributed most often to motivational speaker Jim Rohn. I believe that is absolutely true.

Did you know Stephen Covey had an 8th Habit? It’s “Find your own voice and help others find theirs.” The CPCU Society gives members the opportunity to grow as leaders at the local and national level, as well as speak at both local chapter meetings, webinars, or the national leadership or annual meetings.

(Editor’s note: Gregg has also found time to earn a few other designations: ACS, AIC, AIM, AINS, AIS, API, and CSM.)

Some people think there’s more to life than insurance and risk management. Tell us about something else you’re passionate about.
I’m passionate about spending leisure time as enthusiastically as my work time. I love hiking and kayaking with my wife. I also enjoy spending time with my huge family of seven sisters and three living brothers. We always have a blast when we get together.


Twitter: @Gregg_Golson