Dale Crawford, CPCU, ARe
Retired, Littleton, Colorado

“A Great Ride” – A CPCU Society Member Looks Back 47 Years Later
Longtime CPCU Society member Dale Crawford recently shared these thoughts about his CPCU journey – from a long career that saw him go from underwriter trainee to officer at two reinsurance companies to president of an insurance company, then an arbitration and mediation consultant. 
Congratulations, Dale, on your upcoming retirement and thanks for the memories!

Why I Got My CPCU and Where It Took Me
It wasn't long after starting my career as an underwriter trainee that I could see the value of more education and the CPCU was a natural fit. 

Little could I know that it would help propel me to president of an insurance company and in retirement, serving as an arbitrator in resolving disputes between insurance and reinsurance companies. There were several appointments as umpire in cases where large insurers and Underwriters at Lloyds, London selected me as the umpire in their disputes, often involving eight-figure amounts.  

Five years after my designation, I could see the industry changing and the CPCU had affirmed the value of additional learning. 

I applied for admission to an MBA program; it was one of the new executive programs and a small class with limited admissions. In the interview for the program, I brought up the commitment to continuing ed demonstrated by the CPCU, explaining the program. I suspect it helped, since I was admitted and completed the degree. That also proved to be valuable in career progression and later in consulting.  

Annual Meeting Memories and Encountering a Future President
As a sidenote, the annual meeting was in Atlanta in 1974 and I got to go to receive my diploma. 

The speaker was the outgoing Georgia governor who spoke about world affairs and geo-politics. We all wanted to get our diploma and party, but I made a note in case I ever heard of him again. Name was Jimmy Carter.

A CPCU Society member for 47 years
It has been a great ride, and the CPCU designation has been a definite asset over the course of my career. I will miss it.