Benedict Parfit, CPCU
Portfolio Manager, Lodgepine Capital Management Limited
Hamilton, Bermuda
CPCU since 2019.  CPCU Society Member since 2019.
Vice Chair of the CPCU Society Emerging Leaders Committee

Tell us about something else you’re passionate about.

From an early age I was fascinated by antiquity and the cyclical nature of history which led me to study Classics at University. Despite not pursuing a career in the field, I am extremely passionate about the subject and think much of what we experience in our own lives has its origins in the ancient Greek and Roman world, from the architectural elements of buildings to concepts such as medicine, law, philosophy and democracy.

I believe that being able to contextualize the past, whilst stepping back from the present, allows one to better plan for the future.  

CPCU Society members are passionate about their work. Some call this "geeking out" or being an "insurance nerd." What are YOU trying to get better at?
In 2019, Markel took the decision to round out its ILS vision and capability with the establishment of a new ILS platform, Lodgepine Capital Management, to complement the existing Nephila and State National operations. 

As part of the team that transitioned to Lodgepine, I had to adjust to writing business on behalf of a third-party investor backed ILS fund rather than writing on behalf of a “traditional” rated balance sheet re/insurance company. Throughout this process, particularly in a COVID-19 disrupted environment, open communication across all teams has been crucial.

Furthermore, this new environment forced me to dive into the asset management side of the business and to better understand an outside investor’s perspective. Consistent reading of weekly newsletters and industry materials, though it might seem mundane, has really helped me get up to speed faster and allowed me to grasp different perspectives across the industry.

What do you wish everybody knew about the CPCU Society? 

The depth of resources and material available to both prospective and active designees. The Society and Institutes are some of the best sources of educational information on the insurance and reinsurance market.

It's also important to recognize the depth of support options that the CPCU Society/Institutes provide. At least 10 different student initiatives, ranging from financial aid to career mentoring/ planning, are available to candidates and designees.