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Michael S. Hurd, CPCU Named 2017 Gerrond Award Recipient

Michael S. Hurd, CPCU Named 2017 Gerrond Award Recipient
Each year, an outstanding CPCU Society volunteer is recognized for his or her dedication and commitment to the risk management and insurance industry. The Gerrond Award was created in memory of Richard A. Gerrond, CPCU, CIC, a dedicated instructor and past CPCU Society governor, who passed away in January 2005.
This year’s winner, Michael S. Hurd, CPCU, is recognized for his willingness to lead by example and his propensity to help others in both the industry and the community. Currently serving as a claims data business analyst at State Auto Insurance Companies, Hurd has been a member of the Columbus CPCU Society Chapter for many years and served a two year term as president of the chapter. He most recently served as chapter governor for the Midwest Region.
What sets Hurd apart from others is that he is not just content to participate but is also driven to help others succeed. For example, for his work with Manna CafĂ©, a homeless shelter that provides meals to those in need, Hurd won the Jay Yano Service Award for a State Auto associate who demonstrates significant contributions to the community through volunteer service—and then applied the $2,500 award money to making kitchen improvements in the service of better serving the homeless of Central Ohio.
CPCU Society Leadership Council President and Chair Michael Koscielny Jr., CPCU, CIC, ARe, observes that Hurd’s commitment to CPCU candidates is equally heartfelt and exhibited through his willingness to impart his accounting skills to those aiming to pass CPCU 540. And when asked to be part of the Leadership Summit, Annual Meeting, and Recruitment and Retention Task forces this year, Hurd “never hesitated,” Koscielny says. Simply put, says Koscielny: “Engaging and mentoring very naturally go hand in hand in Michael’s approach to leadership.”
Published May 8, 2017