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As the industry’s premier association for risk management and insurance professionals, the success of the CPCU Society depends upon the dedication and talent of our volunteer leadership. Earning a volunteer or leadership role is a unique opportunity that will allow you to:

  • Gain leadership KNOWLEDGE that you can apply to your day-to-day professional responsibilities
  • Be EMPOWERED to positively influence the CPCU Society, the industry, and your own career advancement
  • ENGAGE and network with Society members and other industry professionals

Leadership Council Roles 

Apply by January 15, 2019 for the following roles (for terms beginning January 1, 2020):

  • Leadership Council President-Elect (1)
  • Leadership Council Member (2)

To review the Leadership Council description, click HERE


Chapter Governor Roles

There are currently 7 open positions for chapter governor roles for 2020. View the position description.

Apply by April 1, 2019 for the following roles (for terms beginning January 1, 2020):

    Openings for 2020

    Northeast Region

    • New York City Metro 2 Territory - Central Jersey, Long Island, New Jersey

    Southeast Region

    • Upper South Territory - Atlanta, Central Alabama, Great Smoky Mountains, Middle Georgia, Mid-Tennessee, North Alabama

    North Central Region

    • Upper Midwest Territory - Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota Roughrider, Omaha, Souix Empire

    East Central Region

    • Northern Ohio Territory - Akron-Canton, Allegheny, Cleveland, Columbus, Grand Lake, Presque Isle

    South Central Region

    • North Texas/Oklahoma Territory - Central Oklahoma, Dallas, Fort Worth, Northeastern Oklahoma

    Western Region

    • Los Angeles/Southern California/Hawaii Territory - California El Camino, California Golden Empire, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Orange Empire, San Diego
    • Pacific Northwest Territory - Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Spokane


    Interest Group Governor Roles

    There are currently 2 openings for interest group governor roles for 2020.

     Apply by April 1, 2019 for the following roles (for terms beginning January 1, 2020):


    Committee and Task Force Roles

    Apply by August 1, 2019 for the following roles (for terms beginning January 1, 2020)

    • Nominating Committee *Immediate Positions Available for term beginning January 1, 2019
    • Annual Meeting Task Force
    • Finance Training and Development Committee
    • Champions Advisory Committee
    • Diversity Committee
    • Ethics Committee
    • Interest Group Committees
    • Loman Advisory Committee
    • New Designee Committee
    • Publications Committee
    • Veterans Task Force

    To submit your volunteer leadership application or for more information, please contact the Nominating Committee via: