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Find out about the latest information on CPCU Society members, chapters, interest groups and events in CPCU News. The newsletter is published organically as articles come in. It serves as a major communication link between the Society and its members.

This publication is exclusive to CPCU Society members.

Read the latest articles from the CPCU News.


CPCU eJournal

Published monthly, the CPCU eJournal provides information on practical and timely issues of interest to financial services and property-casualty insurance professionals. The CPCU eJournal is available exclusively online and features articles written by industry leaders. Find out how you can be featured in the eJournal by learning how to submit articles.

Subscribe to the CPCU eJournal Reminder Service
To subscribe to the CPCU eJournal reminder service, click on “Subscribe to publication” in the menu bar right above the eJournal issue list and follow the prompts. Once you subscribe, you will receive an email each month when the latest eJournal becomes available.

Looking for Back Issues?
Back issues of the CPCU eJournal and other publications are available in the Online Library.

NOTE: if you subscribe to the CPCU eJournal reminder service, you are responsible for updating your information if it changes. The main CPCU Society database is not linked to individual subscriptions.