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Invest in Your Organization’s Success

CPCU Society Goal

The CPCU Society’s goal is to help your employees stay informed and up to date on the latest developments in the industry through: 1) high-quality, affordable continuous learning that can be customized to your organization’s needs, 2) access to the best minds in the industry, and 3) leadership skill development.

Investment Options

Your most important assets are your employees. Invest in them today to ensure your company’s continued success! Investment options range from setting a corporate policy to pay for your CPCUs’ annual CPCU Society dues to sponsoring a CPCU Society event at the Annual Meeting and Seminars. Pick a support option that works for your organization, or compare your current policies with industry support benchmarks. To explore your options further, use some of the resources described under partnering with the CPCU Society.

How to Maximize Your Returns

Maximizing Returns

Optimize your return from the money, time and effort your organization and your employees invest in the CPCU designation by taking advantage of the following programs developed by the CPCU Society and The Institutes.

CPCU Society Champions

CPCU Society Champions are resource people in your organization you can call on to help promote professionalism, especially the CPCU designation. They are also your valuable source of information about the CPCU Society. Champions have volunteered to act as channels of communication to and from the CPCU Society. They help employees achieve success in the CPCU program and take advantage of the continuing educational benefits the Society offers.

CPCU Society Candidate Membership

CPCU students who have passed two or more CPCU exams are eligible to become candidate members of the CPCU Society. Candidate members have access to virtually all full-member benefits for 50 percent of the regular member dues. Statistics show that candidate members are more likely to complete the CPCU program and earn the designation. Candidate membership is an important way for students to tap into the resources of the CPCU Society and increase their commitment to completing their designation program in a timely manner.

“Each One Reach One” Campaign

Reaching out to potential new students is part of the core mission of each CPCU. The Society challenges its members to identify at least one person to begin the CPCU program and work with that person to give him or her a good, strong start! Encourage your employees to participate in the “Each One Reach One” campaign. Your CPCUs are uniquely positioned to influence others and to promote professionalism through the attainment of the CPCU designation.

The Institutes' Career Planning Resources

The Institutes devotes resources to helping industry professionals incorporate professional development into their career paths. In addition to consulting a staff of educational advisers, employers and individuals can consult “The CPCU Experience” and “Planning for Success” brochures. Professional development path materials are available for each major property-casualty insurance discipline.