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Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

Front Row (Left to Right) Bill Ieuter, Maryls Maciona, Mike Lawrence, Kelly Heim (Chair)
Back Row (Left to Right) Sharon Koches, Mark McDonnell, Brandi McNeilley, Everett Randall, Richard Walsh Jr.

Members and candidate members of the CPCU Society share three common characteristics: experience, education and ethics—the three E’s. 

Ethics is the cornerstone of our business and personal relationships. Each day, we conduct business and manage personal and professional relationships in an ever-changing industry and social environment. We often encounter challenges and learning opportunities that require us to place ethics in the forefront. 

Employing ethics should be a proactive part of our daily routine. The simple question of “Are there ethical issues to be considered?” must be asked in each of our business dealings.

The CPCU Society Ethics Committee is charged with increasing awareness of ethical issues and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct at the local and national levels. It provides ethics information and resources and serves as a forum to discuss ethical issues that have an impact on our daily professional lives.

The Ethics Committee offers Society members useful resources, including articles published on general and specific ethics topics, seminars offered at each CPCU Society Annual Meeting, and polling questions that seek input from Society members on various ethics issues. 

Additionally, the committee’s Ethics Awareness Kit can assist your chapter in developing relevant programs. It is also important to keep in mind that our “Ask a Committee Member” section of the CPCU Society website is a great place to seek answers to ethical questions.


Kelly J. Heim, CPCU

Committee Members

  • Bret Eckberg, CPCU
  • Kathryn Mary Goering, CPCU
  • William C. Ieuter, CPCU, CLU
  • Michael A. Lawrence, CPCU
  • Maryls L. Maciona, CPCU
  • Mark John McDonnell, CPCU, CIC
  • Brandi A. McNeilley, CPCU
  • Jennifer Pashby, CPCU
  • Richard F. Walsh, Jr., CPCU


Everett D. Randall, CPCU, CLU; Sharon A. Koches, CPCU


Front Row (Left to Right) Kate Goering, Kelly Heim, Mike Lawrence, Bill Ieuter, John DiForte, Sharon Koches

Back Row (Left to Right) Mark McDonnell, Mike Weinberg, Everett Randall, Bret Eckberg, Pete Kensicki