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Ethics Awareness Month

Ethics Awareness Month

The CPCU Society is proud of the efforts of our chapters to keep ethical practices alive and utilized throughout the year. Ethics Awareness Month is a time to celebrate our high ethical standards and share with our members different ideas and methods to convey this message.

Once again, we will use our website as a means of providing chapters with topics, concepts and approaches to Ethics Awareness Month. New activities, articles and polls will be posted. During the past few years, chapters have been able to use this information, to generate visibility of the CPCU designation. Several chapters have designed their own events and approaches to Ethics Awareness Month.

Remember, even if your chapter has already scheduled an event, these materials and ideas can be utilized throughout the year for successful meetings and visibility.

We will again have our contest wherein the chapter with the most unique idea of how to promote and celebrate ethics will receive a monetary prize, as well as recognition from our members and the insurance community at this year's Leadership Summit.

We look forward to new ideas and spreading the word on good ethical values. Be sure to check the website often, and participate in the polls and take advantage of the information and resources that are available.

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