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Vision Statement of the CPCU Society Interest Groups

The Institutes CPCU Society interest groups serve as intermediaries for achieving the CPCU Society’s goals and objectives within specialized segments of the risk management and insurance industry.  Capitalizing on specific areas of expertise among members as well as educating members who are interested but not necessarily knowledgeable about certain areas, interest groups benefit the CPCU Society by sharing current technical insurance knowledge and information on emerging industry issues. They benefit the Insurance Industry at large by ensuring it remains vital, competitive, and robust.


Join an Interest Group Today!

Deepen your professional experience and expand your personal interest by joining any of The Institutes CPCU Society’s 14 Interest Groups!  Only keen interest, not expert knowledge, is required.  Throughout the year, leaders of your selected interest group will alert you on upcoming webinars, Annual Meeting sessions and articles pertinent to your area of expertise and/or interest. 

To join an interest group, please navigate to your Personal Interest Group Dashboard from the profile dropdown menu. All CPCUs are welcome!


Get More Involved - Join an Interest Group Committee!

An interest group committee governs the activities of each interest group. The president-elect appoints all interest group committee members, and the CPCU Society Leadership Council approves new interest groups. 

If you’re interested in serving a three-year term as a member or chair of one of The Institutes CPCU Society's 14 interest groups or interest group committees, please submit an Application for CPCU Society Service today. View all open volunteer opportunities.