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Webinar FAQs

Webinar FAQs

I registered for a webinar with the CPCU Society and received my confirmation email. When can I expect to receive my login information?

The login link for each webinar will be sent by email 24 hours prior and again 1 hour prior to the live webinar. If you are registering for a webinar less than 1 hour before the webinar is scheduled to begin, please email webinar@cpcusociety.org and staff will immediately respond with the login link.

Can I listen to a webinar by phone if I cannot access the webinar on my computer?

Yes. The event phone number and access code can be found in your login email, which will be sent 24 hours prior and again 1 hour prior to the live webinar. If you are having difficulty listening to audio through your computer speakers, you are welcome to call in to listen to the webinar using the phone number. Your line will automatically be muted.

Can I download handout material and the slide deck before the webinar?

Yes. In most cases, a PDF of the slide deck is available in advance and can be found in the upper right hand corner of your login email.

Where can I find the event password? I am asked to enter one when I join the webinar.

The event password can be found in your login email under the access link.

How do I report my CE for CPCUs credit?

Webinars count for 1 hour of CE for CPCUs credit. Your credit will be automatically reported with your registration for a live webinar. You can also earn CE for CPCUs credit by viewing recorded webinars though the Knowledge Center. All webinars watched in the Knowledge Center will be automatically reported for 1 credit.

Are CPCU Society webinars approved for state CE?

At this time none of the webinars are approved for CE in any state.

How long are CPCU Society webinars?

Generally CPCU Society webinars are 1 hour long. All webinar times are listed in US Eastern Time.

Are CPCU Society webinars available after they have been presented?

Yes. CPCU Society webinars are available for on-demand viewing through the CPCU Society Knowledge Center, which will be periodically updated with recent webinars. If you register for the live webinar, you will also receive a link to view the recording once the webinar has concluded.

I registered and paid for a CPCU Society webinar, but at the last minute I was unable to attend. What do I do?

If you have registered and paid for a CPCU Society webinar, you will receive a recording of the presentation that you missed.

I am interested in viewing a particular title on-demand, but I do not see it on the website. Is it still available?

Yes! Older titles may still be available by request by contacting webinar@cpcusociety.org.

Will I be able to ask questions during the live webinar?

Yes. During the live webinar you will see a question and answer feature on the lower right hand corner of the webinar screen. Webinar presenters do their best to answer as many questions as time allows.

What webinar platform does the CPCU Society use?

The CPCU Society uses Cisco WebEx for all webinar presentations. Please take a moment to ensure your system's compatibility with Webex using the link below. Test WebEx on your computer: http://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html

If I was sent a link to the recording of a webinar, do I need to download anything?

No. If you have the link to a WebEx recording, simply click it to stream and view.