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Online CPD Application Instructions

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  • Your online application looks and works as if you were filling it out with a pen or pencil.

  • Begin to fill out your form by reading down the left-hand column, “Professional Development Activity.” Read the definitions of activities listed under each heading (PD-1 through PD-7).

  • Select the appropriate section to enter your activity.

  • Click “Add New PD Activity” and log your activity.

  • You will be prompted to confirm that your entry is correct. Then, press the “Add New Activity ” button, adding this activity to your records.

  • Continue to complete this form with new activities until you have acquired 60 points.

  • The button at the top of the form, “Submit CPD Application,” can only be utilized during the 30-day period prior to your expiration date and will only work if you have at least 60 points acquired.

  • On the left, “CPD Certificate Options” brings you to a drop-down box where you can choose to receive a certificate. If you request a certificate, there is a fee of $25 required. You must send a copy of your CPD application (please be sure to print out a copy of your application prior to submission), along with a check for $25, made payable to The Institutes. Thereafter, stickers for updating qualification periods will be mailed free of charge at renewal.

  • If you prefer to have your certificate mailed to your employer for presentation, please provide The Institutes with the following information: (1) company name, (2) address and (3) full name as you wish it to appear on your certificate.

  • Send this information and payment to:

Continuing Education
The Institutes
720 Providence Road, Suite 100
Malvern, PA 19355-3433

  • You can also just request a sticker for updating qualification periods.

  • After you press the “Submit” button, you will receive a “Thank you for your submission” message, and your form will then be automatically forwarded to The Institutes for processing. Please allow six to eight weeks for processing.

  • You will receive a congratulatory letter from The Institutes if you have been approved for CPD. Once you receive this letter, you will see that your online form has been refreshed and is ready for you to start logging your new activities for your next CPD cycle.


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