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Start with our free Career Superhero Series. Then keep going with our curated packages, focusing on industry trends and emerging issues. 3 hours of education with unlimited access for only $99.


Career Superhero Series- FREE FOR NON-MEMBERS

Take our webinar program for a test run! We're making four of our most popular career development webinars, normally an exclusive member benefit, free for all! This series will get you started down the path of career reinvigoration, and will focus on navigating change, building relationships, exploring diversity, and securing a mentor.

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Cyber Revolution Series

This webinar package provides an intro to must-know risks and solutions impacting the insurance industry from cyberspace. Titles focus on the next great cyber attack, the rise of "fintech," and the fundamentals of data science.

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Workplace Skills Series

Take a break from work with this webinar series, and return to your desk refreshed and inspired to hit your next big goal. This series will help you rethink your critical thinking skills, communication approaches, and other strategies for success in the office.

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Natural Disaster Series

We may not be able to predict our next disaster (or can we?), but we can be prepared. This webinar package will make sure you are educated on climate change and ready for action when the next tornado, earthquake or flood strikes.

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Tech Innovation Series

This webinar package focuses on the latest tech trends and how they are shaping not only our industry, but the lives of our insureds. You'll learn about regulatory updates for drones, cutting edge workplace safety solutions, and how telematics will revolutionize auto lines.

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Managing Up, Out and Down Series

A perfect package for the whole team! This series will help you learn how to understand your manager's priorities, influence peers on your team, and communicate with your employees. Watch all three yourself or register at the group rate to share.

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Agent & Broker Series

Three of our most highly-rated webinars, tailored for agents and brokers! This series will address the future of this critical segment of the insurance workforce in the face of a changing world, and will equip you with the tools to confidently move forward in your role.

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