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Internship Support

What is the Loman Foundation’s vision?

The CPCU Society is committed to preserving the legacy of the CPCU-Loman Education Foundation while expanding its impact on the industry through the CPCU-Loman Education Foundation Internship Financial Aid Program.

What is the goal of the Loman Internship Financial Aid Program?

The goal of the program is to encourage students to ultimately pursue a career in the insurance industry by reducing financial barriers that prevent students from pursuing insurance industry internships.

Does the Loman Foundation still match scholarship funding?

No, the Loman Foundation matching scholarship program ended in 2013 because of the shift in emphasis on funding internships.

Why the change in emphasis?

We have altered our emphasis based on feedback from academics, students and the industry. Internships are a proven tool for employers to attract, develop and retain potential new employees, but sometimes finances prevent students from pursuing internships.

How else can chapters help support the Loman Internship Financial Aid Program?

Chapters can help support the program by raising awareness throughout local universities and colleges, informing other industry professionals, and encouraging and advising talented students to apply.

Where can I learn more about the Loman Internship Financial Aid Program?

Please visit www.cpcusociety.org/loman to learn more about the program, eligibility requirements, and how to apply.