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Click here to view a list of FAQ’s to answer any questions you may have on attending Leadership Summit.


Q: Why is CPCU Society now charging a registration fee for the Leadership Summit?

  • We continue to enhance the Leadership Summit based on attendee feedback including providing high quality professional development offerings, industry-expert speakers and leadership development opportunities.

  • In order to continue to offer this caliber of an event and offset the costs, we are introducing a registration fee in 2018 of $199. Compared to other leadership development training, we believe this is a great value.


Q: What is included in the price of attendance?

  • Access to all high-quality educational speaker sessions as well as breakfast and lunch on both days of the event. We host multiple sessions on professional development topics including leadership skills as well as a keynote general session by an experienced speaker on leadership.

  • Beginning in 2017, attendees will now receive 8 auto-reported CE for CPCU credits and 2 state CE filed sessions will be available.


Q: What are the benefits to attending?

  • Attending Leadership Summit aids in career development by providing access to training as well as opportunities to develop skills as a volunteer leader, all of which help prepare members to take on leadership roles/responsibilities within their organization.  Specific benefits include:

    • Access to multiple educational sessions on technical and leadership skills

    • Keynote general session by an experienced speaker on leadership

    • Networking and knowledge sharing among peers

    • 2 state CE filed educational sessions

    • 8 credits auto-reported towards The Institutes CE for CPCUs program


Q: What factors impacted the decision to begin charging a registration fee?

  • The CPCU Society continues to enhance this event through high-quality speakers and educational sessions on important topics such as leadership development and emerging issues in addition to continuing to provide opportunities to network and learn from fellow volunteer leaders.

  • Due to the variety of educational sessions offered, attendees are able to customize their learning experience. 

  • Additionally, in recent years, we have increased the meals provided. This is based on attendee feedback that group breakfasts and lunches create valuable knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. 


Q: What if attending is no longer an option due to the price increase?

  • Volunteer leaders are welcome to attend any of the regional meetings free of charge. The regional meetings also provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking but on a smaller, local scale. Please note that these meetings do not have the expanded professional development educational sessions and are not eligible for state CE or CE for CPCU credit.


Q: Are there resources available to volunteer leaders who may not have the means to attend?

  • Chapters are encouraged to consider allocating a portion of their Recruitment & Retention Challenge incentive towards sending their volunteer leaders to the Leadership Summit. As a reminder, the financial incentives for part two of the program will be awarded in late 2017.

  • Attending Leadership Summit benefits attendees in their roles in both the CPCU Society and their career. If you are a volunteer leader planning to approach your employer to consider supporting your attendance, think about the following four simple steps:

    • Do your research – note the sessions you plan to attend and how they will contribute to your career growth

    • Determine how you can add value – brainstorm how you will apply what you learn to your workplace

    • Cut down on costs – outline the many benefits included in the $199 registration fee

    • Talk to your supervisor and/or HR representative