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Diversity is an important perspective in the CPCU Society. One of its five core values is Diversity of Views, and under the 2007 Strategic Plan, a significant objective is assisting the industry in attracting a stream of diverse new talent.

These files and resources below are designed to assist CPCU Society chapter leaders and others in the industry in putting together programs to understand other people, ideas, and opportunities and to attract diverse new talent.


Use this handout to spread awareness about the importance of diversity initiatives in the insurance industry.

Chapters can use this script to help recruit diversity leaders and organize a chapter diversity committee.

Watch this quick film to grasp a greater understanding of the importance of diversity. 

A list of potential activities for Chapter Diversity Committees to orchestrate. 

The purpose of this engagement model is to support each chapter's annual operating plan objective to "provide relevant knowledge."

Sample diversity topics for chapter meetings.

Diversity Officers contact information.

Resources for speaker suggestions

A resource for industry links and associations. 

A resource for insights and articles. 

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners provides a link to each state's Department of Insurance.