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CPCU Society Champions

Are You Ready to Be a CPCU Society Champion?

CPCU Society Champions are members who, due to their level and position within a firm, can “take the pulse” of the organization and update the Society about evolving needs and issues. Champions are also asked to facilitate two-way communications between the Society and their companies. Finally, these members “champion” the cause of the Society and the CPCU® designation throughout their firm and their industry.

CPCUs who become Champions gain visibility and status within their organization and with Society leaders. They can also earn 15 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points per year (PD-4 “Serve as a Chapter Committee Member”). Champions also receive access to the same Society resources and publications as their company’s chief executives. And, of course, Champions earn the gratitude of the entire CPCU community.

For more information, check out the Champion Mission Statement and Champion Roles, developed by the Champion Advisory Committee. Also explore the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Sign Up Today!
To see who the CPCU Society Champion is at your company, or to determine whether your company needs a Champion, check the latest list of champions by company or by chapter (xls). If your company is not listed, it means that your firm does not have a Champion. To ensure that you and your employer are getting the most out of your CPCU Society membership, sign up as a Champion at your company today!

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Browse our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Champion Spotlight
Champions are encouraged to submit stories about their experiences as a Champion. Check out their stories on the Champion Spotlight.

Contact a Champion
CPCU Society members who would like to contact a Champion can to view a Champion Directory.

For Champions Only
Current Champions can and view Champion tools and best practices, as well as the
status of the Champion Advisory Committee.