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Fuel your career with The Institutes CPCU Society Mentoring Program! Whether you're a mentor, a mentee, or both, you'll surely find mentoring to be a rewarding part of your membership experience. This program is open to all paid CPCU Society members and candidate members.

Flash Vs. Traditional Mentoring - We Have Both!

Flash Mentoring – Instantly connect for a one-time discussion or continue to maintain the connection as you see fit. Ideal for those seeking informal mentoring, general advice and tips, or to expand their network.

Traditional Mentoring – Choose a match for a minimum of 6 months and work together to set objectives, expectations, and timelines. Ideal for those with a specific professional development plan or goal in mind, such as developing leadership skills.

Mentoring for CPCUs
As a mentee, you will connect with a CPCU Society member who provides guidance on leadership development, career growth and succeeding in the industry. As a mentor, you will help early or mid-career professionals take the next step in their professional lives!

Mentoring for CPCU Society Candidate Members
As a candidate member mentee, you can join this program to help you succeed through your CPCU® journey—whether you seek advice on passing a particular exam or need encouragement to take the next step. The CPCU Society mentoring program is open to all paid CPCU Society candidate members.

Can I be both a mentor and mentee?
Yes! You are welcome to sign up for career mentoring as well as mentor CPCU candidates.

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