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The CPCU Society’s Champion program facilitates two-way communication between the CPCU Society and its members’ employer organizations.
Through this program, the CPCU Society is able to:
  • Engage active members to champion the benefits of the CPCU® designation and the Society
  • Stay up-to-date on the evolving needs and issues of our members’ organizations

Why You Should Be a Champion

By becoming a champion, you will:
  • Gain visibility and status within your organization and the CPCU Society
  • Earn 15 Continuing Professional Development (CPCD) points each year
  • Gain recognition within the CPCU community
For more information, please contact Chapter Services.

Connect with other CPCUs near you. Locate a champion within your local chapter or your organization.

You can join your local chapter or the chapter in the region where you do the most business.