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Champions FAQ

Answers to Champions' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a specific time period for serving as a CPCU Society champion within my company?

Currently, the role is open-ended, and can be terminated at any time by the champion. Or, a new champion can try out the role for a predetermined period of time such as one year.

What types of contacts do you want me to facilitate between my company and the CPCU Society? How do I facilitate these contacts?

Champions may be asked to assist the Society in connecting with specific groups within their company, such as the staff responsible for deciding on sponsorship opportunities, or contacts within the Human Resources Department in charge of executive development or continuing education. The Champion need only provide a name and contact information, and the Society will follow up. In addition, Champions of companies selected for a “Connections” visit by members of the CPCU Society’s Executive Committee will be asked to assist in arranging the visit. The Society will rely on its Champions to invite senior company executives to the Connections meeting, schedule an appropriate time, and secure meeting space. Other possibilities include serving as the contact within your company or office for information about the CPCU® designation or the CPCU Society. Champions are also asked to alert the Society to company announcements or decisions that may impact CPCU Society member support. And, you may have the opportunity to accompany your company’s CEO or other top officers to special executive events at the Society’s Annual Meeting and Seminars.

What types of publications will I receive as a CPCU Society Champion?

Champions will receive copies of any CPCU Society communications distributed exclusively to senior executives of major insurance firms. To support Champions in their efforts to “Spread the Word!” about the benefits of CPCU Society membership, the Society will also periodically provide Champions with copy they can submit for publication in their company’s internal newsletters and publications.

Will there be meetings to attend and travel involved?

There is no travel involved in being a CPCU Society Champion. Champions may be asked to attend a “Connections” meeting (as described in the answer to question two) at their company’s headquarters if they are located in the area.

How much of a time commitment is involved?

The amount of time spent being a Champion is up to each individual to determine. Unless your firm has been selected for a “Connections” visit, you may only need to commit a few hours each month to being a champion. A survey (xls) of CPCU Society Champions conducted in June 2007 indicates that most Champions (99 percent) spend less than one day per month on average on Champion activities, and 44 percent spend less than one hour per month on their Champion responsibilities. However, you can opt to invest significantly more time. Remember, the goal of the Champions initiative, and the broader "Connections" outreach program, is to encourage employer support of membership in the CPCU Society.

Am I the Champion for just my office or branch, or for the entire company?

The CPCU Society can use champions at all levels—from the local office up to the company headquarters. Many organizations push decisions about CPCU Society support down to its local managers, while other decisions are made company-wide. Thus, Society Champions are needed at both locations.

What types of activities will I get involved in as a Champion?

According to a survey (xls) of CPCU Society Champions, many Champions provide information to and encourage their fellow employees to pursue the CPCU designation and participate in CPCU Society events. They help coworkers understand and better utilize their employer’s support for professional development. They also help keep their management apprised of opportunities available from the CPCU Society. Champions can help local chapters get or stay in touch with prospective or inactive CPCUs. In addition to acting as a Champion strictly within their own organization, Champions can also “Spread the Word!” to other organizations in the P/C insurance industry. A Champion is only limited by how much time and effort the individual can and wants to invest!