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CPCU Society Creed

As a member of the CPCU Society,

I will use my full knowledge and ability to perform my duties to my client or principal and place their interests above my own.

I will use due diligence to ascertain and understand the needs of my clients or principal and will only undertake assignments that I can perform in a proper and professional manner.

I will faithfully present material facts in insurance and risk management business dealings in accordance with my duty and obligation. I will honor the confidential relationship that I have with my client or my principal.

I will obey and uphold any law or regulation duly enacted by any government body whose authority has been established by law.

I will abide by the ethical practices set forth in the Bylaws of the CPCU Society and only engage in practices which reflect well on the Society and the business of insurance and risk management.

I will write, speak, and act as an official representative of the Society or as a chapter of the Society only if I have been duly authorized to do so.

I will accurately represent the nature and significance of the CPCU designation.

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