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How Technology is Helping to Improve Claims Communication: Before, During & After COVID-19
Speakers: Chaz Mello and Diana Acosta
October 15th at 2 PM EST


Even before COVID-19, many carriers were performing fewer in-person inspections. While 2-d photos and live-cams gave them almost enough information to set reserves and pay claims, it still didn't deliver a full walk-through or time-lapse capability of damage sites. This session will show attendees via 3 ways that they can virtually walk around and inside a site, view time lapse and virtually see 3-d construction schedules come to life.

Presented by the Claims Interest Group 

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Chaz Melllo – Senior Vice President

Chaz Mello is a professional mitigation, construction and reconstruction consultant. He has been with J.S. Held since 2008 and is responsible for consulting on large losses both nationally and internationally. 
Chaz has a strong background in construction and excavation. Prior to joining J.S. Held, he was employed by an excavation/site development contractor and has expertise and experience in pre-project surveying and site operations. Chaz was responsible for developing bid proposals as well as overseeing and participating in the completion of many large-scale projects. Chaz’s detail-oriented approach to synthesizing complex loss issues adds values for client’s deliverables.




Diana Acosta – Country Manager – Forensic Engineering

Diana brings forensic civil engineering skills and extensive experience with infrastructure projects, as well as commercial, healthcare, and other projects to J.S. Held. Diana’s career also includes several years as a Project Manager for major building construction work. She has provided risk engineering and damage assessments to large infrastructure projects throughout North and South America and the Caribbean. 
Diana has provided consultative services, performed site inspections, and investigated cause/effect of major structural and infrastructure losses due to natural catastrophes, design defect damages, and failures. Her work has included evaluating the suitability of contractors, construction methodology, and the exposures and vulnerabilities of projects.