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What's Missing from your Safety Management System?
Presenter: Judy Agnew, Ph.D.

Thursday, September 16 at 2:00 PM ET

Many organizations have sophisticated safety management systems that clarify roles and responsibilities, encourage engagement at all levels, and are more proactive and preventative. Yet even the most sophisticated systems are often missing a critical link: effective behavior management to ensure that the tools and processes are being used as intended and are having a positive impact.

The Institutes CPCU Society is pleased to invite you to the third in its three-part webinar series delivered by Judy Agnew, author and workplace safety expert from Aubrey Daniels International. During this brief webinar, Judy will explain that while good Safety Management Systems outline what needs to be done and provide tools for doing it, most do not integrate the learnings from behavioral science to ensure that those things get done and get done well.  Judy will discuss the following:

  • Why Telling and Training aren’t enough
  • The effects of overusing negative consequences
  • General tips for improving your Safety Management Systems

Presented by the Loss Control Interest Group

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Judy Agnew, Ph.D.

Judy Agnew is senior vice president at Aubrey Daniels International; a consulting firm with more than 40 years of success supporting companies in applying behavioral science to improve safety and business performance. Judy is a recognized workplace safety expert and author of three highly regarded safety books; Safe by Accident?, A Supervisor’s Guide to Safety Leadership, and Removing Obstacles to Safety. She has presented at major safety conferences and has been published in leading safety and workplace media outlets. Judy is dedicated to working with clients in a variety of industries using evidence-based, practical strategies to ensure organizations are safe by design. 


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