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The Workplace is No Place for Narcissism
Speaker: Brent French
September 22nd at 2 PM ET

A thriving 21st century workplace relies on trust and teamwork, yet self-serving behavior undermines trust and threatens all the benefits of collaboration.  Selfishness is counterproductive, and dealing with selfish co-workers is draining and bad for the bottom line.  The spectrum of selfish behavior ranges from martyrdom all the way through a pattern of abusive behavior that can be an outcome of clinical narcissism.  This session introduces participants to the full spectrum self-serving behavior and offers strategies to both prevent and mitigate organizational harm.

Presented by the Loss Control Interest Group

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Brent French, PHD, MBA

Brent French teaches organizational behavior and helps run the Foisie School of Business at Worcester Polytechnic
Institute in Worcester, MA. He has an MBA and PhD in Leadership and is a retired USAF Colonel.


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