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Change Leadership and the Emotions of Change
Speaker: Grace Judson
April 15th at 2 PM ET

Does the idea of change tie your stomach in knots? Or maybe  you’ve watched someone come undone when their normal routine is disrupted - such as with the COVID-19 pandemic! 

Change initiatives often fail because of the emotions they evoke, usually because those emotions are glossed over or ignored. Discover the science behind why we respond the way we do and learn simple tools to manage the emotional impact of change - so you can keep yourself and your team moving forward!

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Grace Judson

Grace is a self-proclaimed leadership geek on a mission to make corporate life more fun. Not just livable; not just bearable: fun. She has a vision of a world where people wake up looking forward to their workday because their jobs are meaningful, interesting, and
challenging. It starts with leadership. People deserve leaders who help them grow. Drawing on 25 years of corporate experience – including 16 years of executive leadership – plus another 16 years training and coaching leaders, Grace’s clients learn the skills of change leadership, reducing turnover, saving money and time, becoming more productive and successful.

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