CPCU Society Loman Financial Aid Program

NOTE: We are on longer accepting applications for the Loman Financial Aid Program.  Please check back later this summer for additional financial aid opportunities. 

About the Program

Internships are a great way to discover the limitless opportunities within the insurance industry. But as a student, sometimes finances can get in the way of you following your path. That's where the CPCU Society Loman Internship Financial Aid Program comes in.

Each year, the CPCU Society offers up to $2,000 in financial aid to help students like you offset the costs of professional clothing, travel, housing and other expenses that may prevent you from pursuing an internship in the insurance industry. 


  • ✔ Be a full-time, college sophomore, junior or senior
  • ✔ Have secured or accepted a paid insurance-related internship that requires you to work an average of 30 hours/week for at least 8 weeks total
  • ✔ Be registered for internship credit or need an internship as part of your academic studies

Required Materials
  • ✔ Complete college transcript
  •  Internship job description
  • ✔ Letter of recommendation (from internship coordinator, professor, or interning company)
  • ✔ Internship offer letter
  • ✔ Personal Statement (Statement should include the following: career goals, how the internship will benefit those goals, why you selected an insurance   industry internship, and the impact financial support has on your ability to participate in the internship.)
  • ✔ Complete application*
Selection Criteria

Eligible students will be selected using a matrix qualification system.  Applicants will be evaluated on a point system based on eligibility requirements, strength of personal statement, financial need, relevance of internship to the insurance industry, etc.

Those that meet or exceed a predetermined total score will be selected, if funds are still available. 

Applicants will be notified of the decision on an ongoing basis as applications are received and scored, until all funds have been awarded.

Application Deadlines

Students are encouraged to apply early because funds are limited. Application batches will be reviewed and candidates selected on a two-week rolling basis to ensure fair opportunity of fund disbursement.

Selected individuals must provide proof of acceptance of the identified internship included in the application within two weeks of formal notification by the CPCU Society. 


By submitting an application, you must certify that all the information provided is true, correct and complete and if granted this financial aid, that you will only use it for expenses related to your internship experience and agree to submit expense reports when requested.


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