Traci Adedeji, CPCU
AIO Program Lead
AIPSO, Johnston, RI
CPCU since 2017
CPCU Society member since 2015 (joined as a candidate member)
President-Elect, Rhode Island Chapter
Member, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Member, Annual Meeting Committee

What is something you wish everybody knew about the CPCU Society?
That we have an amazing mentor program.  It is so valuable to have mentors both within and outside of your organization.  The Society’s program does a great job of matching you with a mentor or mentee.  I would encourage everyone to consider becoming a mentor.  Every CPCU has something to offer regardless your level in your career.  It is an opportunity to reach back and give someone else the career advice you wish someone else had given you earlier in your career.

CPCU Society members are passionate about their work. Some call this “geeking out” or being an “insurance nerd.” What have YOU been trying to get better at recently?
I have been in my current company for approximately 6 months.  My 20+ years of experience has been almost exclusive in Personal Lines.  This position has allowed me to spread my wings and learn Commercial underwriting.  It would seem that you CAN teach an old underwriter new guidelines, policy forms and endorsements!

Some people think there’s more to life than insurance and risk management. If you agree, tell us about something else you’re passionate about.
I am passionate about giving back.  Whether it’s checking in on someone you haven’t heard from in a while, paying for the order of the person behind you in the drive through or donating to charity, it is very important that we regularly do something with the intent of benefitting someone other than ourselves.  People tend to think that if they can’t make a grand gesture or donate a lot of time/money, then they shouldn’t do anything because it won’t matter.  But if everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot.  I believe that everyone should find a cause that resonates with them and do what they can, even if it is simply raising awareness. I participate in the Komen 3-day breast cancer walk each year.  The money we raise helps in tangible ways but also helps raise awareness.  And selfishly, it is my “reset” every year.  There is nothing like walking shoulder-to-shoulder each year with people who have literally fought for their lives to help put things into perspective.