Debbie Botts, CPCU

Senior Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty
Gregory & Appel
Indianapolis, Indiana
CPCU and CPCU Society member since 1998

What is something you wish everybody knew about the CPCU Society? 
There is no better source for insurance education than The Institutes, and particularly the CPCU Society. It is the best resource for information, has the most access to knowledgeable people in the industry, and ample opportunities to network and have fun.  

CPCU Society members are passionate about their work. Some call this "geeking out" or being an "insurance nerd." What have YOU been trying to get better at recently?
Lately, I have been geeking out over the current COVID-19 pandemic and all of the societal, legal, economic, and particularly insurance issues related to the pandemic. I believe the knowledge I have gained has helped me in discussing this with clients and non-clients, though it’s not doing much for my mental health.  

Some people think there’s more to life than insurance and risk management. If you agree, tell us about something else you’re passionate about.
What people? I do agree that insurance and risk management are extremely important. It’s been my life for a very long time. However, other things are equally important: family, friends, music, yoga, nature. Grandkids make the world go 'round! 


Twitter: @dlb0115