Darcy Keith, CPCU
Business Analyst
State Auto Insurance
Carmel, Indiana
CPCU since 2018. CPCU Society member since 2018.

CPCU Society members are passionate about their work. Some call this "geeking out" or being an "insurance nerd." What are YOU trying to get better at?
I am also a professional speaker and many meetings and conferences are going virtual, so I'm trying to get better at presenting virtually by taking courses on virtual setups, virtual presentations, and connecting virtually with the audience so I can generate the same on-stage impact from my home studio.

Tell us about something you’re passionate about.
As the only backseat survivor in my fatal car crash when I was a college senior, I sustained many injuries, including two traumatic brain injuries. Gone was the memory of my actuarial science studies...I had to literally start over mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. When I went back to college, I changed my major to insurance and started to put my life back together.

[Note: Hear Darcy’s full story in her address as Class Spokesperson at the 2018 The Institutes CPCU Society Conferment ceremony, here.]

Because the recovery from my two brain injuries has been considered "remarkable" and I've accomplished many things considered to have been impossible for me, I've made it my life's mission to help other survivors of traumatic brain injury. 

In addition to meeting with families of TBI survivors from across the country, I'm currently on an advisory board to Ohio State University's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, have served on the Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Association of Indiana, and have spoken at conferences around the country for over 14 years.  

In addition, I was contacted by the Baltimore Ravens (see below) and the Indianapolis Colts to speak to their rookies as part of the NFL Rookie Success Program in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

What do you wish everybody knew about the CPCU Society?
CPCU is also an interactive organization, providing an online community in which questions can be asked and insightful discussions can take place in the "All Members Forum."  

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