CPCU Society members are go-getters – always looking for ways to get better, learn from each other, grow as leaders, do better for their customers, and give back to the industry.

Each month, we profile one of them.  You can find links to all the past Go-Getters profile listed below. Meet the Go-Getters by clicking through to their individual stories.

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Barbara Lilly, CPCU (August 2021)

Michael Koscielny, CPCU (July 2021)

Mary Calmer, CPCU (June 2021)

German Torres, CPCU (May 2021)

Bradley Gronke, CPCU (April 2021)

Dale Crawford, CPCU (March 2021)

Benedict Parfit, CPCU (February 2021)

Darcy Keith, CPCU (January 2021)

Tawana Scott, CPCU (December 2020)

Veruschka Zachtshinsky, CPCU (November 2020)

Glenise Rooks, CPCU (September 2020)

Debbie Botts, CPCU (August 2020)

Brad Magick, CPCU (July 2020)

Gregg Golson, CPCU (June 2020)

Scott Homa, CPCU (May 2020)

Cal Durland, CPCU (April 2020)

Matthew Struck, CPCU (March 2020)

Heather Blevins, CPCU (February 2020)

Carol Hess, CPCU (January 2020)

Precious Norman-Walton, CPCU  (December 2019)

WidMaylleur Gedeon, CPCU   (November 2019)

JoAnn Pickel, CPCU   (October 2019)

Terrence Harvey, CPCU   (September 2019)

Abi Potter Clough, CPCU  (August 2019)

Traci Adedeji, CPCU   (July 2019)

Carly Burnham, CPCU  (June 2019)

Ramya Sunad, CPCU   (May 2019)

Alok Tewari, CPCU  (April 2019)

Rachel Bannister, CPCU   (March 2019)