Now accepting applications for the 2020 International Ambassador Program

The CPCU Society established the CSIA Program to recognize CPCUs outside the U.S. for their efforts in promoting the CPCU designation globally and to provide financial support for them to attend the CPCU Society Annual Meeting (now In2Risk).

Each year, the CPCU International Ambassador Program selects a committed Society member to help increase awareness and share the mission and vision of the CPCU Society outside the United States. The Society supports the International Ambassador's participation in In2Risk (the reenvisioned Annual Meeting) and in exchange the Ambassador is charged with visiting industry employers to understand their professional development needs and communicate the value of Society membership.  Ambassadors also share their knowledge by writing an article. 

Interested in becoming the 2020 International Ambassador?  Applications are due June 1, 2020.  

Learn more and apply today!   

Meet the 2019 CPCU Society International Ambassador and learn about the CPCU View from Japan

Learn about the Japan CPCU Society Chapter from current president
Hirotatsu Teraoka, who also serves as the 2019 CPCU Society international ambassador.

this article, he recalls the man his colleagues called Fukasawa-san, who, in 1979, became the first Japanese CPCU. Fukasawa-san founded the Japan Chapter in 2003 and made it possible for Japanese residents to take CPCU exams in Japan.

Previous Ambassadors 

 2018  Don Chang
 2017  Rachel Afford
 2016  Frank Wang Min, J.M., CPCU, RPLU
 2015   Orlene Arriola, CPCU, AINS, CRIS
 2014  Ian R. Maciulis, CPCU
 2013  Arun Kumar V, CPCU
 2012  Shahid NAdeem, CPCU