Meet Your Ethics Committee

Kelly J. Heim, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, FLMI

Kathryn M. Goering, CPCU, ChFC, CLU, FLMI, AIC, ARM, ACS
William C. Ieuter, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, AAI
James R. Jones, CPCU
Sandy Jones, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, FLMI, AIS
Peter R. Kensicki, CPCU, CLU, FLMI
Michael A. Lawrence, CPCU, AAI
Mark McDonnell, CPCU, CIC, AIM, AAM, AIT
Richard Walsh, Jr., CPCU, CIC, CRIS, ITP, CPIA, ANFI, AIS

Donald George, ARM, AU, CPCU, MBA, RPLU
Karen Lawrence, AIM, AIS, AINS

Questions?  Ask an Ethics Committee Member

Ethics Awareness Month

Why do we celebrate Ethics Awareness Month?

Remember taking the CPCU Pledge at your Conferment? Ethics are a big part of what we’re about at The Institutes CPCU Society.

As a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter,

I shall strive at all times to live by the highest standards of professional conduct.

I shall strive to ascertain and understand the needs of others and place their interests above my own.

And I shall strive to maintain and uphold a standard of honor and integrity that will reflect credit on my profession and on the CPCU designation.

                --- CPCU Conferment Pledge

Ethics Awareness Month | Chapter Contest

Due to the CDC’s recommendation for social distancing over the next few weeks, The CPCU Society understands that its’ Chapters will be unable to proceed with many of their upcoming in-person events, including any planned activities for the Ethics Awareness Contest.

For this reason, this year’s Ethics Awareness Contest has been cancelled.

Save those great ideas for next year’s contest!

Recent Ethics Awareness Month Winners

2019 Winner | Presque Isle CPCU Society Chapter
Chapter members wrote a creative short story titled "I've Got Your Back". They posted it online and also put together booklets to give out at their event. Those who answered the 3 ethical dilemma questions at the end of the story were entered into a gift card drawing.
Their event theme was "Ethics Never Goes Out of Style", and they displayed pictures and other items from various decades.

2018 Winner | Middle Georgia CPCU Society Chapter
Chapter members staged a mock mediation for a coverage dispute, complete with Plaintiff, Defendant, and Coverage Counsel representing the insurance company.

2017 Winner | Presque Isle CPCU Society Chapter

2016 Winner | Syracuse CPCU Society Chapter