Local Chapter Conferment

Each year, most new CPCUs are conferred at the conferment ceremony held in conjunction with the CPCU Society's In2Risk (formerly Annual Meeting) meeting.

While the recognition at the Society's meeting is appreciated, many chapters traditionally sponsor local recognition ceremonies honoring new CPCUs from their chapters.  Many chapters currently provide some token of recognition to their new CPCUs, such as CPCU pins or other items appropriate for the occasion.  Society officers and chapter governors, as well as other representatives of the Institutes, often participate in honoring the new CPCUs.

Many chapters sponsor I-Days and choose to have the recognition ceremonies take place during a luncheon or dinner at that event.  Other chapters hold special meetings, usually including a luncheon or dinner, dedicated to honoring new CPCUs.

Below are a few documents that you may find helpful when planning your local chapter conferment.