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Begin DateTitleDescription
10/24/2019The Power of Planning and Building the Right StructureJoin us for the first in a three-part series designed to help you identify blind spots and find the antidote for each. Has your company, marketplace, or talent pool evolved over the past few years? If so, your plans for each must evolve too.  The best companies articulate and communicate a compelling and vision and strategy throughout the organization. Attend this webinar to learn how to identify and and correct the blind spots that often occur when implementing a company's vision.LB102419
10/29/2019Micromobility: Electric Scooter Safety and Legal LiabilityJoin this webinar to learn more about the engineering design of electric scooters and the current legal liability landscape in the United States. In addition to reviewing the safety concerns surrounding electric scooters, the presenters will cover litigation concerns and the liability and insurance availability for electric scooter exposures.ES102919
10/30/2019The Additional Insured Illusion…Why are certificates of insurance often misleading or even worthless? Why are contractual indemnity agreements so often impossible to insure? Should additional insured endorsements be sent to additional insureds? Join presenter Bill Wilson to learn the answers to these questions and more. Contractual liability, additional insured, and related certificates of insurance issues that are often a subject of controversy, dispute and litigation will all be covered during this hour-long webinar.BW103019
10/31/2019Data Propels Us Towards a Zero-Claims FutureInsurtech has accelerated the shift in how insurers regard and treat risk, changing the focus from loss compensation to loss prevention. With technological advancements, a zero-claims future is possible for many lines of business. In the wake of insurtech, can insurers replace premium dollars with risk consulting services as exposures evaporate? Will new exposures like cyber risk replace traditional exposures like automobile accidents? Attend this webinar to learn about new sources of data and analytics that reduce losses and how insurers might transition to a more blended risk management services model.ZC103119
11/14/2019Vaping: From Wellness To CrisisInitially, electronic cigarettes were considered a new tool in helping traditional smokers to reduce or even quit smoking. However, things have changed. Recreational use by youths in the United States is considered an epidemic, some malfunctioning devices have caused injuries and death, and some users has developed a potentially deadly lung disease. Attend this webinar to learn more about electronic cigarettes, related health concerns, and regulatory developments.VW111419