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Begin DateTitleDescription
12/10/2019No More Guesswork: Cyber Modeling Quantifies RiskEye-opening cyber incidents such as Dyn and Wannacry show the potential for catastrophic losses, but insurers struggle to understand how cyber incidents affect their performance. Cyber risk management decisions are often made with limited data, intuition, or broad assumptions. We’ll learn about advances in probabilistic cyber risk models that can quantify the likelihood, severity, and economic impact of cyber incidents.CM121019
12/12/2019Back To the Future: Today's Successful AgentThis varied panel will straddle the past and future worlds of agents and teach solid best practices for success. We will explore how old issues, such as documentation and claims handling, continue to be relevant, as well as how to leverage technology affecting our industry.SA121219
12/17/2019Understanding Stock ThroughputThis webinar will cover the basics of Stock Throughput (STP), its importance to global trade, why companies might want to consider a STP policy, the challenges with obtaining coverage due to recent catastrophe events, underwriting and risk management concerns, and the effects of technological advances on claims handling.ST121719
12/17/2019Ubiquitous DataJoin thought-leader, Christopher McDaniel, for this non-partisan, non-advocative webinar on ubiquitous data. This session will provide participants with an understanding of the importance of a business network and use of a standardized framework in the adoption of InsurTech.UD121719