Program Overview

The risk management and insurance industry is continuously evolving, and CPCUs, as leaders in the industry, must be at the forefront of emerging trends. The CE for CPCUs program encourages CPCUs to stay up to date on the latest risk and insurance knowledge, while also providing a way to showcase their educational efforts. Through this program, we hope to not only increase the value of the CPCU designation, but also to better allow CPCUs to set an example for others in the industry.

Who Participates?
Continuing education will remain a core value for all CPCUs. Formalized reporting is simply a way for CPCUs to acknowledge their commitment to maintaining a high level of expertise in our industry. As such, the reporting program will include every CPCU. To report CE for CPCU credits, click here

Program Start Date
As of July 1, 2016, CPCUs can begin earning credits that will count toward the CE for CPCUs program.

Is Participation in This Program Required to Maintain the Designation?
While The Institutes encourage all CPCUs to honor their commitment to continuing education, no one’s CPCU designation will be invalidated for failing to report continuing education. However, CPCUs in compliance with the reporting requirements will be publicly recognized for their commitment to their industry and career.

To report CE for CPCU credits, click here. 
For more information, please visit CE for CPCUs or the program handbook .