About Us


The CPCU Society is a global community of risk management and insurance professionals committed to lifelong learning and the highest ethical standards for the benefit of those they serve.  Members learn, grow, and succeed together.

  • Our global network connects professionals with diverse expertise and experiences – knowledge sharing and new perspectives empower members to think differently and seek creative solutions.
  • Peer-driven educational offerings keep members on top of current issues. Members are exposed to aspects of the industry outside of their job roles – so they can make more informed and holistic decisions.
  • Hands-on leadership opportunities give members the confidence and experience to step up and lead when their organization needs it most – our volunteers and members are advancing their skills every day.

While many members hold or are pursuing The Institutes’ CPCU designation, the most recognized credential in the risk and insurance industry, it is not a requirement to join.  We support all risk management and insurance professionals on their unique paths including pursuit of CPCU, other Institutes’ designations, and other personal and professional development goals. 

OUR VISION: We will be the premier inclusive community of risk and insurance professionals who shape the future of the industry.

OUR MISSION: To provide knowledge and leadership opportunities for a global community of risk and insurance professionals in order to advance the industry and benefit those they serve while adhering to the highest ethical standards.
Read our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan.

The Bylaws  are the legally binding rules by which the Society is governed.  They set forth the structure of the organization and guide the Board of Directors and Leadership Council. 

The Institutes CPCU Society is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels.  Read the Society's full statement