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The publicity surrounding the allegations of illegal and unethical practices in the insurance industry presents CPCU Society members with a unique opportunity to tell their colleagues, clients and community who they are and what they believe. This area of the CPCU Society website provides ethics information, details on Ethics Awareness Month, other education opportunities and a forum for Society members to discuss issues that have an impact on their daily professional lives.

Ethics Awareness Month

  • Each year, the Ethics Committee sponsors a contest among chapters to see which chapter had the most creative approach to Ethics Awareness Month. Congratulations to the Presque Isle CPCU Chapter for its winning entry in the 2017 contest. Thirteen chapters submitted entries describing their efforts to recognize Ethics Awareness Month. As winner, the Presque Isle Chapter won $500 and was recognized at the 2017 Leadership Summit held in Baltimore, MD. Click here to see the chapter's submission.


Ethics Resources


"I believe that all of the professions, including ours, are undergoing a crisis in ethics.  By this I mean that our business practices are increasingly being held up to public scrutiny.  As the very foundations of our industry are brought into question, it is clear that we as CPCUs must set standards of excellence by exhibiting the utmost in ethical and professional behavior."

Stephen J. Paris, CPCU— 1990-1991 CPCU Society president

And NOW...

“CPCUs are all bound by the CPCU code of conduct and have been for as long as I can remember. Insurance is a product that by its nature requires utmost good faith by those of us in the industry. Ethics is one of the standards for the CPCU Society along with Education and Experience. For CPCU's ethics is not an option.”

Mike Lawrence, CPCU—2015 CPCU Society Ethics Committee Chairperson